Weight Loss & Acupuncture

Have you been struggling to lose weight?

You may be at a point in your life where you’re sick and tired of going on gimmicky or fad diets (juice fasting, Atkins, non-fat, HCG, South Beach, no carbs, etc) or 12-week weight loss exercise programs and regaining the weight back gradually once these programs are over. Have you thought about finding more a natural and sustainable solution to the weight management issues?

5 most common reasons people are struggling to lose weight

  1. Not eating the right foods
  2. Not eating enough
  3. Stress-eating or emotional-eating
  4. Relying solely on gym exercises
  5. Not getting a good sleep regularly

What is my proposed solution then?

In order to achieve sustainable weight loss and maintenance, it is imperative that we address these issues simultaneously. Eating enough of the “right foods” means eliminating processed foods which include refined sugar, carbs (which turns into sugar in your body), additives (fillers, preservatives, colors, chemicals). Your body does not know how to “process” these processed items. I don’t even like to call them food. Processed food can be very toxic for your body making you sick, overweight and tired. The best thing to do is to stick with the foods that are in the form as they were harvested. Try to also minimize canned, boxed and frozen foods as they may contain toxic chemicals and can inhibit you from getting the nutrients that you can get from fresh, organic sources.

Exercise alone does not work to lose or maintain weight. 90% or more of the weight loss will come from proper nutrition. Gentle movements (yoga, breathing, taichi, walking, light jogging cycling and swimming) as well as light strength and stretch training will help create lymph node cleansing which can make you sweat and detoxify your body while helping you to shed some pounds. Exercise also helps you manage and reduce stress. If you’re the type to eat more with stress or certain emotions, lifestyle adjustments such as these can really be a game changer.

Many Americans struggle with sleep disorders. Sleep is crucial in losing weight. Your body rests and detoxifies the most during the night. When your body does not feel rested, you will have a tendency to feel the stress of the day, which can trigger bad eating habits, or you simply may not have enough energy to exercise. It is a very bad cycle. If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep at night, you should read this article that I wrote a few weeks ago.

5 ways acupuncture can help you with weight loss


  1. Helps you boost your digestive function and elimination
  2. Helps detoxify your body by increasing circulation of the lymph
  3. Alleviates stress and tension from the body
  4. Helps you crave healthier foods
  5. Promotes restful sleep (Read my insomnia article here)


We’ve had clients tell us that they have lost 8 lbs in two weeks without trying or changing anything else, or that their husband lost 22 lbs in a month because he started craving healthier foods and started cooking better for her family.

If you did acupuncture alone and did not change your lifestyle, there will be a ceiling of how much weight you can lose or how long you can keep it off. Using acupuncture wisely along with some lifestyle changes is definitely the best way to sustainable weight loss.

Check out this article here on the Dr. Oz website to learn more about how acupuncture can help you lose weight!

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