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Acupuncture- I have found a natural way of relieving the pain! 

I started seeing Maya for acupuncture treatment two months ago and have gotten significant relief. I no longer need medication to function. I had been suffering from migraines and neck pain for over 15 years. It had become a terrible chronic condition within the last two years. I got to the point where I needed prescription medication just to get out of bed. I was trying to manage it with chiropractic adjustments and steroid shots but It was just getting worse. I have two bulging disks in my neck and it was suggested that I have a rhizotomy to help with the pain. I researched what was involved with this procedure, I knew I needed to find a better way.
Finally, I have found a natural way of relieving the pain and I am closer to being pain free each time I see her.No two visits with her are the same. Each time we discuss how I feel and tries a different approach to improve my overall well being. She is wonderful at what she does. Thank you Maya!
– Carolyn, McKinney
Maya played a vital instrument in my recovery!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MAYA! I was very lucky to have found Maya. Four months ago, I had fallen ill as a result of taking numerous amounts of antibiotics. My immune system was very weak. I ended up developing a severe Acid Reflux/GERD in additional to bacterial and parasitic infections. I was so ill that my doctor placed me on a leave of absence from my work for almost 2 months. He also had prescribed me a PPI medication to take to treat the Acid Reflux/GERD. I knew that long-term use of PPI had some side effects and discontinuing the PPI also had major rebound effects. Plus, I had the other infections that I was being treated for. So I was determined to get well soon. My goal was to successfully get off of the PPI medication and build a strong immune system.

I knew during this time I needed additional care and treatment. My sister had suggested acupuncture treatment. So, I researched online and started reading reviews and comparing Acupuncturists. I found Maya’s website by luck and I was very impressed by the reviews.

I knew I made the right decision in selecting Maya during my first meeting with her. She spent almost an hour with me trying to understand my health challenges and what I would like to accomplish. We both came up with a plan best suited for my situation. I had initially signed up for 10 sessions and then after I saw the how much improvement I was making with the treatments, I decided to add 10 more sessions.

I really appreciated Maya’s genuine concern for my well-being. During each session, she made sure to ask me how I am feeling, how my diet is going and provided me with some suggestions. She also suggested some homeopathic supplements I could take. I also liked how Maya spent time researching and e-mailing me suggestions on solutions related to challenges I was facing whether it be types of food I should eat, where to find a good meditation and yoga studio and types of treatments to inquiry from my doctor.

Maya played a vital instrument in my recovery. I felt like she was on the journey with me. I didn’t feel I was going through this recovery period alone. It was more than I expected and I was very blessed to have her in my life during this difficult time of my life. I highly recommend Maya. – Lia G.

Highly Recommend Maya Crockett for Acupuncture Relief!!!

This is the first time I ever tried Acupuncture. I was having some back problems and a bout of Achilles tendonitis and was unsuccessful trying to resolve these conditions on my own. I looked for someone in the area that was well trained in Acupuncture techniques. Did some searching on the net and found Maya Crockett. She is a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).I have gone through 6 sessions to date, and my back has felt pretty good and my tendonitis has been improving with each session. Maya takes the time to focus on the areas with the most pain, and she provides me with additional information to help with my problem areas such as exercising and stretching routines. My tendonitis was not improving as quickly as I had liked so Maya did some research and located a trigger point for my Achilles that she focused on during my last session. This helped tremendously with the pain, and I would say the tendonitis is about 70% gone.

I was taking ibuprofen every day for my back pain, and Maya stated this will take a toll on my liver, so I’m in the process of weaning off it. She even found an article on ibuprofen risks and forwarded it to me.

If you are looking for an acupuncturist who cares, take a look at Maya. I just recently recommended Maya to a friend of mine also experiencing some back issues.
– Steven, Mckinney, TX

 Maya is an acupuncture pro!

Her knowledge is extensive, her professionalism is on point and her personality & style makes the overall experience one that you want to repeat on a weekly basis.I have been with Maya for the past 6 months to relieve the pain in the coccyx area from a fall I had in 2000.For the past 10 years I have been seeing a pain management doctor receiving injections in the coccyx area. The injections worked beautifully till this past summer. After 3 injections the pain was still there. This is when I reached out to Maya. After the 6 months of acupuncture with Maya, I have finally found relief from the pain. I can now sit comfortably in a chair or a car with little or no pain. I really appreciate that she took the time to explain what the points mean and what to expect. I would recommend Maya to anyone who is need of acupuncture.Sincerely,
– Gwen

After the first treatment my sleep and night sweats improved significantly!

“I had never been to an acupuncturist before, but was interested in alternative medicine to help with my menopausal symptoms as well as some back and shoulder pain. Maya actually listens and was interested in helping with my overall health. I was a little apprehensive about needles, but the treatment turned out to be very relaxing. After the first treatment my sleep and night sweats improved significantly. The pain in my shoulder and back are gone. I would highly recommend Maya if you want a more natural way of healing vs. the conventional doctor route.” – Sharon R.

I am a family doctor and highly recommend Maya’s Acupuncture services

“I am a family practice physician working in Plano. I started seeing Maya about three months ago after feeling ill from shingles twice in a row. I realized that I was not healthy and my immune system was compromised by stressors in general. Maya has helped me weaned off two medications that I regularly take and is continuing to help me feel as healthy as I can be mentally and physically. She is easy to talk to, very professional and compassionate. I always feel so much better after a treatment and have modified my diet to complement the treatments as well. I highly recommend her and acupuncture without reservations.” – Carryl O.

I will be a loyal client of Maya’s for life

“I am a dental professional of 25 years and was facing a painful hand issue that could have ended my career. I was told that a concerning surgery was my only option. I found Maya and she began treatments. I now have no pain and am having signs of reversal of this hand issue. I will be a loyal client of Maya’s for life. She is a God send….” – L.H.

Wonderful Acupuncture Experience

“Maya is amazing. I had my initial visit with Maya about a month ago because of shoulder and arm pain. I did not realize the treatment she does is for total health, not just one issue. After 3 visits my pain was much better, but that turns out to be a side to all the other improvements in my overall health. I have a much higher energy level, and my flexibility has improved. Maya ask the right questions and listens to my answers. In my opinion, Maya has a gift that she is sharing to help others improve their quality of life.” – John D.

Comprehensive and Holistic Care

“I was treated by Maya on a weekly basis for about 4 months. I had some major neck and shoulder problems. Maya was an amazing Acupuncturist, she used to ask me several questions at the beginning of every session, and she would customize the treatment based on my main concerns/complaints for that week.

Maya used a comprehensive/holistic approach. She would make a connection between my symptoms, and treat more than one thing during the session. Maya was very compassionate, I used to go in for one thing and end up talking about a million other things. She felt like a therapist a lot of times. She would listen, show sympathy, and offer advise sometimes.

I am very happy to have met Maya, but sad at the same time that she is leaving Chicago!

I highly recommend Maya, as she is very knowledgeable, and you know that you are in good hands with her.”

P.S. her sense of humor is a major plus.

– R.S.

Major improvement in quality of life

“I am a 77 year old male and had been feeling very fatigued as well as experiencing other emotional and physical issues typical of men my age. I have been seeing Maya for acupuncture for 6 months now and have seen a major improvement in my energy levels, stomach and sleep issues.

Maya listens carefully and has been able to successfully treat my specific issues utilizing acupuncture and herbs. Maya has also made suggestions and recommendations about my diet and exercises, which all together, have made a big difference and improvement in my quality of life.

I am very grateful to her for helping me and I would highly recommend her to anyone for acupuncture treatments.”
– F.V.

True holistic care

” I began seeing Maya for digestion issues as well as overall health maintenance. Maya has a warm and inviting presence that put me at ease immediately. I could tell that Maya was very grounded in her knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She eagerly collaborated with me on my treatment depending on what worked and what felt best for me and she was also willing to answer all my questions. Within just a few sessions, my digestion issues dramatically improved. I also appreciated her willingness to ask holistic questions that got at my lifestyle and health history, in order to gain a fuller picture of my whole makeup. I always felt very confident with the treatment I received from Maya, both because of how comfortable I was in the appointments themselves and the results I saw in my health!” – Eva G.

Chronic back pain

“I’ve suffered from a chronic back pain and back spasm for several years. I somehow managed the pain and stiffness over the years. A month ago I have had a weekly acupuncture visit with Maya Crockett, LAc. I’m amazed at how well she knows where my pain is and how careful and knowledgeable she is at treating it. I still have a few more treatments to go, but my quality of life has improved so much, fairly quickly. Maya is extremely professional and caring, I highly recommend using her, for any of your acupuncture needs. “


Walter A.

Positive impact on overall wellness

“I have had such a positive experience being a patient of Maya Crockett’s. Maya is friendly and caring, able to quickly establish a rapport that makes opening up to her easy. Knowing that I am a new student to Traditional East Asian Medicine myself, she volunteers little hints and interesting information at my current level of understanding. Maya always has creative, personalized solutions to any challenges I am facing. She also has an impressive range of healing modalities that she has used to make a very positive impact on my wellness. Besides the Chinese acupuncture I have been treated with in the past, in a few short weeks Maya introduced me to Japanese acupuncture, Gua Sha, motorpoint acupuncture, and different ways to use moxa. I had amazing results from her application of direct moxa. The most exciting experience with Maya, however, was the session we reviewed where my health had been when I first started acupuncture, compared to the level it is currently. At first I was nervous at the thought of giving up weekly acupuncture sessions when she suggested I had the tools I need to maintain my own health. However, she helped build my confidence as she reminded me of the new healthy habits she has taught me and that I have learned to apply while being a patient of traditional Asian medicine.

I would highly recommend Maya Crockett to any potential patient or facility considering her employment.”


Thiera S.

The healing presence

“When I first thought about doing acupuncture months ago I was very hesitant but I know I needed some help. It took me weeks to finally book an appointment and when I finally did it was with someone whose name I don’t remember. I showed up and they told me there was some kind of mix up and that Maya was available. I think the heavens were shining down on me that day.

Here is a quote about Dr. William Henry Welch back in 1930 that reflects how I think about you and our journey – “The instant he entered the sick room, the patient felt better. The art of healing seemed to surround his physical body like an aura; it was so often not his treatment but his presence that cured. There is a miraculous moment when the very presence of the doctor is the most effective part of the treatment.”

Maya has that very special gift and I am grateful for her healing artistry and presence. Maya, Thank you for all that you have done for me! “


Facial rejuvenation with holistic approach

“As a patient of Maya Crockett, acupuncture practitioner I have felt comfortable, relaxed and under professional care. Maya was thoroughly engaged in my total body healing and facial rejuvenation. The emphasis of treatment was explained as total body health, not just facial rejuvenation and I learned that the “glow” that emerges is a result of the entire body functioning as a healthy organism and that means proper diet, exercise and awareness of what is supportive for a healthy life. The before and after photographs show a distinct improvement in skin tone and reduction of facial lines. I am thrilled to have experienced this procedure and grateful for such a caring, professional practitioner.”

All the best in health, wealth and beauty,



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