Migraine And Headache Relief

Do you suffer from horrible migraine headaches?

Do you miss work because you have days when you wake up with a severe migraine headache? Does your headache come with light and sound sensitivities and all you can do is curl up in a ball and lay in bed in the dark room?

Do you come home from the day’s activities and you feel nauseous, can’t see from one eye or not able to hear from one ear, see auras, feel pulsation or throbbing in one side of the head? Do these headaches sometimes last for 2~3 days or even longer? You’re not alone! In the US, One in Six People or 45 million Americans are said to suffer from Migraines at some point in their life.

Unwanted Side Effects of Medicine

The RX medicines and OTC (Over The Counter) NSAIDS, such as Ibprofen, aspirin, or Aleve, may or may not alleviate some of the symptoms for some time. But it is crucial that you are aware of the unwanted side effects they do cause. For example, Imitriex and Maxalt work by constricting or narrowing blood vessels, so common side effects can include chest pains, shortness of breath, numbness and weakness of the body, sudden headaches, to name a few.They are also known to “interact” with some of the SSRIs (anti-depression drugs) including Prozac and Zoloft.If you’re taking these medications together and experiencing high blood pressure or increased heart beat, you need to consult with your physician and come up with a plan to remove or replace some of these medications.

Women experience migraines often with hormonal fluctuations

In my acupuncture practice, I see many women who suffer from migraine headaches at least 1­-4 times a month, and sometimes even more frequently. Often, women tend to experience them during ovulation and period while hormonal fluctuation may be the trigger. Some of them are aware of foods that trigger, such as wine, chocolate, sugar, and dairy products. Certain smells or air pollution may even be a factor, such as cigarette smoke or environmental allergens, such as pollen, grass or dust mites. 

What can you do to help alleviate or prevent migraines?

Being aware of the triggers such as food, beverages, or smell, is definitely a first step. Writing daily journals will help you figure out what triggers your particular kind of migraine. 

“Acupuncture is a 5,000 year old medicine which treats a variety of ailments including Migraine Headaches.”

It aims to treat the “root cause” of the body’s disease in the natural way without causing unwanted side effects. It is a very safe and superbly effective medicine when it is done by a licensed acupuncturist (LAc.). Acupressure points as seen on the left column can often alleviate or even prevent the onset of migraines.

Here are three very effective acupressure points to help aid in the treatment of migraines;

Rub each point in small circles for 10­20 seconds at a time for 2­3 minutes in length.

Point LI 4

Newsletter Migraine Hand

 Pinch the thick and “tender” part of the web between thumb and index finger

Point GB 20

Newsletter Migraine Neck

On the back of your head at the base of your skull

Point Tai Yang

Acupressure Migraine Head

On the temple about 1⁄2 ­1 inch away from outer corner of your eye in the devit

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