How to Manage Stress

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Tips on how to better Manage Stress

Learning How to Manage Stress is part of life. But you can learn some tools so that the stress does not get out of hand and get the best of you and get you down in the long run. Here is what you can do immediately.

DFW Acupuncture Keep a stress journal: It may help you identify the regular stressors in your life and help you gain insight into the way you deal with them. As you keep a daily log, you will begin to see patterns and common themes.
DFW Acupuncture  Acknowledge ways you currently manage and cope with stress in your life. Your reaction to stress is just as important as the stresses themselves. When confronted with a stressful situation, take a moment to breathe and make a conscious decision to react differently than you normally would.
Lotus Flower Only MCA Don’t Overextend Yourself: Know your limits and stick to them. Refuse to accept added responsibilities when you feel as if you’re taking on too much. Always remember that it’s okay to say “no.”
Lotus Flower Only MCA Avoid People Who Stress You Out: If someone consistently causes stress in your life and you can’t turn the relationship around, limit the amount of time you spend with that person or end the relationship entirely. If you’re dealing with a difficult family member, be honest and up front with them about why you are distancing yourself from the relationship. You may find that speaking your mind and letting others know how you feel will improve your relationship with them and reduce your stress even further.
Lotus Flower Only MCA Take Control of Your Environment: If the evening news makes you anxious, turn the TV off. If your commute makes you irritable or nervous, plan your route and allow yourself sufficient time to reach your destination safely and on time without feeling rushed. If you find that large crowds add to your anxiety, stay away from congested stores or shopping malls during peak hours.
Lotus Flower Only MCA Avoid Sensitive Topics: If you get upset over religion, politics, or other hot-button issues, cross them off your conversation list. If you repeatedly argue about the same subject with the same people, stop bringing it up or excuse yourself when it’s the topic of discussion.
Lotus Flower Only MCA Cut Down Your To-Do List: Analyze your schedule, responsibilities, and daily tasks. If you have too much on your plate, distinguish between the “shoulds” and the “musts.” Drop tasks that aren’t truly necessary to the bottom of the list or eliminate them entirely.

Marriage and Stress

Many studies have found that being married or maintaining a committed, steady romantic relationship may help you manage stress and improve your overall quality of life. Stress is a powerful thing, and small marital problems can become exaggerated when you or your partner take your personal stress out on each other. The results of such behavior can be devastating.

Take these steps to manage stress in, or outside, your marriage:

Lotus Flower Only MCA Take time to decompress: After a stressful day at work, many people need time alone to decompress before they’re ready to talk. And forced conversation is never a good thing. Allow yourselves a few minutes to get your bearings straight. Watch some television, read a few pages of your favorite book, or even sit outside and catch some sunshine if the weather permits.
Lotus Flower Only MCA Teamwork: Work with each other. Being in a marriage is like being on a team. In order for you both to be successful, you need to support each other. That’s why you need to communicate and talk about the details of your day. Sharing your feelings can help strengthen your partnership. If your feelings are out in the open, you’ll be less likely to “blow up” and take the day’s stresses out on your partner. You can help each other by practicing active listening techniques and being positive and supportive.
Lotus Flower Only MCA Don’t point fingers: You may often find that your partner is the most available target for blame when you’re stressed. Try to see things from your spouse’s point of view. This will help you to see where the other person is coming from, which will increase your understanding of the situation. Don’t assume that you are the one who has all the answers.

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