Grateful Yoga Meditation Studio Now Open!

Grateful Yoga Meditation


Acupuncture and Yoga Meditation:

Empowering Clients to Take Control of their Health

Maya Crockett Acupuncture is opening Grateful Yoga studio right next door to the acupuncture clinic in Far North Dallas, Allen, TX. Our goal is to accommodate and service the ever growing population of stressed out folks who need somewhere to calm their mind and breathe without the constant need to glance and attend to their cell phones.

At Maya Crockett Acupuncture, we believe in “empowering the clients to take control of their health” so that they will not have to rely on medication, surgery, physical therapy or even acupuncture in order to become and stay healthy.

Yoga is more than twisting and stretching in the ways you may imagine to be only available for those “flexible” folks.

“Yoga is meditation, calming, breathing, strengthening, balancing, relaxing, pain-relieving, and therapeutic for people and all ages.” -Maya Crockett

We will also be offering Tai’chi as well for anyone who have back pain, coordination issues, need core strengthening and balancing, much list yoga, similar but different.

The types of yoga offered are a variety – beginners hatha, slow vinyasa flow, chair, yin yoga, just to name a few. We’re different from other studios as our classes are geared towards people who have never experienced yoga, have some aches and pains, and prefer the small classroom setting as opposed to large classrooms in the gym or church setting.

If you’ve been our acupuncture client, you can stop by to get a $20 intro month pass. Otherwise, it is $30 for the first 30-days.

For more info, you can visit

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