Fibromyalgia Acupuncture Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and can’t get relief?

Over 5 million Americans are estimated to be suffering from fibromyalgia. Among those, the vast majority, or 80-90%, are women. Most patients do not get diagnosed with Fibromyalgia until they are middle age, though as more physicians are learning the right tools and processes to diagnose the disease, people are being diagnosed earlier and at younger ages.

The term “fibromyalgia” means inflammation of the muscle and connective (fibrous) tissues. The diagnosis for fibromyalgia is very difficult as there are no definitive blood tests. Your doctor may have used physical exam including trigger points to diagnose, but it may have taken you several visits to different doctors.

What causes Fibromyalgia?

In Western Medicine, scientists always like to find the one hormone, neurotransmitter, enzyme, bacteria, virus, etc. which causes a particular disease. In the case of fibromyalgia, they talk about serotonin being affected- and that is the hormone which also tends to be decreased among patients with depression. Therefore, we see many people with fibromyalgia diagnosis on anti-depression medicine. Some doctors may also believe that your pain is “in your head” or you’re making it up or imagining and ends up prescribing you psychiatric medicine such as xanax or lorazepam. In the Western medical world, causes of Fibromyalgia are still very much “unknown”.

Acupuncture and Fibromyalgia

Common symptoms of Fibromyalgia, in addition to muscle and joint pain are fatigue, digestive issues, depression, insomnia and numbness and tingling in the face, legs, arms, hands and feet. When all of these symptoms are present at one time or another, it is impossible to treat them all with drugs. The side effects of drugs are also of major concern.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs along with lifestyle adjustments can treat all of these symptoms by addressing the “root cause” in the holistic, gentle and natural way. They work by assisting your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Our patients with fibromyalgia diagnosis each come with all different set of symptoms at various degrees. It is crucial that a qualified, licensed acupuncturist takes a thorough medical history, conducts evaluations, and develops a treatment plan which involves some lifestyle changes.

If you’re interested in consulting a licensed acupuncturist, please contact us.

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