Cancer: Discover the Truth Documentary

Discover The Truth About Cancer: A Documentary Series

Curing Cancer: Beta glucans bind and help specific immune cells

                 The Truth About Cancer

This is a 11 part series of documentary presentation called Discover “The Truth About Cancer,” , by Ty Bollinger.

Each documentary, which lasts about one hour, was presented at Allen Judo & Jujitsu/Maya Crockett Acupuncture on their big screen TV. The first presentation “Modern Medicine & The Cancer Epidemic” was shown at 6:30p on Tuesday, September 8th.

The “tentative” schedule was as follows:

Episode 1: Modern Medicine & The Cancer Pandemic (September 8th)
Episode 2: Your First Line Of Defense… (September 15th)
Episode 3: Eliminate These “Dirty Dozen” To Prevent Cancer (September 22nd)
Episode 4: Your Secret Fountain of Youth (September 29th)
Episode 5: Nature’s Pharmacy (October 6th)
Episode 6: Clean Foods & The Cancer-Free Diet (October 13th)
Episode 7: Diagnostic “Do’s & Don’ts” Proven Treatment Protocols Part 1 (October 20th)
Episode 8: Proven Treatment Protocols Part 2 (October 27th)
Episode 9: Proven Treatment Protocols Part 3 (November 3rd)
Episode 10: Doctor’s Orders (November 10th)
Episode 11: How to Survive and Thrive (November 17th)

Discover the Truth about Cancer presentations are completely free. If you are interested in booking a future group to view this presentation, please contact our office by emailing and bring a friend or two who may be interested in learning about the truth about cancer and how to prevent it or treat it naturally.

There is absolutely no selling of products or marketing at this event either by us or anyone else. It is simply a place where people can gather and learn a few things about cancer, or any other “chronic degenerative diseases” including diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, stroke, auto-immune disorders, and how you can take control of it yourself.

We look forward to seeing you!

Maya Crockett, LAc.


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