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Detoxify: Fall & Winter Detoxification

Detoxify in the Fall And Winter! WHAT CAN YOU DO TO STAY HEALTHY DURING THIS TIME OF YEAR? The cooler mornings and evenings are letting us know that fall and winter are upon us. This is traditionally a time for

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Cancer: Discover the Truth Documentary

Discover The Truth About Cancer: A Documentary Series This is a 11 part series of documentary presentation called Discover “The Truth About Cancer,” , by Ty Bollinger. Each documentary, which lasts about one hour, was presented at Allen Judo & Jujitsu/Maya Crockett

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Grateful Yoga Meditation Studio Now Open!

Acupuncture and Yoga Meditation: Empowering Clients to Take Control of their Health Maya Crockett Acupuncture is opening Grateful Yoga studio right next door to the acupuncture clinic in Far North Dallas, Allen, TX. Our goal is to accommodate and service

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Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Programs Wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes. The money spent can be as simple as providing additional information on nutrition or ergonomics to employees, or as involved as running a friendly weight loss competition and offering a

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Headaches and Acupuncture

Are you suffering from Chronic Headaches? It is estimated that up to 25% of Americans suffer from chronic, painful headaches. All too often, these people are unable to find the causes or triggers for their headache. Many use painkillers or simply

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How to Manage Stress

Tips on how to better Manage Stress Learning How to Manage Stress is part of life. But you can learn some tools so that the stress does not get out of hand and get the best of you and get

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Acupuncture: Alternative to what?

Acupuncture: Alternative to what? You have probably heard acupuncture referred to at some point as “alternative medicine.” The term itself consists of two very off-base implications. First, it implies that acupuncture is a runner-up or a contingency plan to turn to

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Moving to New Location on 8/12/14!

We’re Moving to a new location! Maya Crockett Acupuncture is officially moving to our new location at 602 E. Main St. Suite C (MAP) inside “Allen Judo & Jujitsu” providing you with a better healing environment and easier access to

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Movie stars demand it! Athletes swear by it!

Acupuncture: An Ancient Secret! Many are just now discovering the ancient secret to enhanced beauty, a stronger immune system, increased mental and physical performance, and drugless recovery from chronic illness. Often regarded throughout the West as a mysterious form of pain

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Holistic Health Consultations & Seminars

Holistic Health & Healing Are you concerned about your overall health and wellbeing? Holistic Health Consultations are available daily by appointment at the Maya Crockett Acupuncture Clinic. Call & Schedule an appointment today!

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